Welcoming the True Spirit of Masculine and Divine Feminine through Breathwork

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  •  October 21, 2023
     1:00 pm CDT - 3:00 pm CDT

Held In-Person at the Jung Center
Mary Rondenet
CEUs: 2

Limited to 16 participants.

According to Marion Woodman’s philosophy, the genuine feminine embodies the vessel of love, while the authentic masculine represents the spirit venturing into the eternal unknown in pursuit of purpose. The vast container, the Self, intriguingly encompasses both masculine and feminine aspects. When these qualities are projected onto the external world, the potential for transcendence diminishes. The inner wholeness, the Self, becomes immobilized. Without the presence of the true masculine spirit and the authentic feminine love within, the inner realm remains barren. True freedom involves shattering the stone statues and permitting the fluidity of life and love to surge. The foundation of Mary Rondenet’s breathwork, which she calls WhaleBreathing,* is based on this philosophy. Mary will present an overview of breathwork and there will also be an opportunity to practice.

*WhaleBreathing is a powerful self-healing technique. This breath helps release emotional blocks, relieving you of stress, anxiety and tension. It connects your body, soul and spirit. Using continuous, diaphragmatic conscious breathing, along with toning, you detoxify and purify the body. This renews your body at a cellular level and creates a connection to inner wisdom. The increase in the flow of oxygen to your organs and lymph system, boosts immunity and your body’s natural healing ability.

About the Instructor
Mary Rondenet, “The Whale Whisperer of Chicago,” is a multifaceted individual whose journey of triumph over challenges and a deep commitment to helping others embrace their authentic selves has led her to become an IPEC Certified Professional Coach, EnergyTouch® Practitioner, and Certified Transformational Breath® Facilitator.

Mary has delved into the wisdom of whales and incorporated it into her transformative practice, WhaleBreathing. This harnesses the power of conscious breathing, to facilitate emotional release, mindfulness, and connection to nature. Mary’s work demonstrates the profound impact breathwork can have on promoting peace, harmony, and joy in one’s life. In Mary’s world, breath becomes a tool of empowerment and a conduit to memory and clarity. Through her expertise, compassion, and unique connection to whales, Mary empowers individuals to release what no longer serves them and find their inner strength and power.

*Program CEUs are an additional $15 processing fee. Please note that the current CEU processing time is around 2-3 weeks.


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