C. G. Jung Center for Psychotherapy, Evanston

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“Individuation  involves two movements, inward to discover the one who is, and outward to learn about one’s place in the function of the world.”
— June Singer, in “The Power of Love”

C. G. Jung Center for Psychotherapy, Evanston

A place for self-development and community.

For many of us, our quest for a deeper meaning and personal growth, has led us on a journey of discovery. The satisfaction and knowledge of Jung’s teachings can be a guidepost in your spiritual growth. We understand that while Jung’s theories are rich and complex, it can be hard to find a Jungian community that not only supports education about his methods, but also supports a clinic-based practice. At C.G. Jung Center, we offer a supportive environment for that exploration, so that you can grow spiritually and psychologically, through Jung’s teaching and professional psychotherapy, to improve your well-being.

Your story contains your solution.

Insightful Psychotherapy and Programming

We offer the rare combination of both Jungian-oriented psychotherapy and a robust selection of programs in the heart of Evanston, just minutes from Chicago, to serve as a resource for our community with unequaled access to high-quality, affordable psychotherapy, dreamwork groups, and a full year of engaging programming for your mind and spirit.

  • Affordable, accessible, Jungian-oriented psychotherapy to further your personal well-being and development, done on a sliding-scale or BCBS PPO and Choice plans
  • Comprehensive programming to support your full understanding and study of Jungian principles
  • Movies, workshops, and lectures for our diverse Jungian-minded community
  • Dreamwork small groups to explore this aspect of Jung’s teaching
  • CEU training for mental health professionals to build your knowledge and aid your practice
  • Clinical training opportunities for volunteer therapists and supervisors to enhance your career
  • One of the only centers in the U.S. to provide both Jungian psychotherapy and educational programming

Come Join Our Community

Getting involved with the C.G. Jung Center is simple. Just select what you are interested in and contact our Center.

Jung Center psychotherapy

Sliding-scale or select BCBS plans, Jungian-oriented psychotherapy virtual in our Evanston clinic or virtually via telehealth

Jung Center programs

Sliding-scale or select BCBS plans, Jungian-oriented psychotherapy virtual in our Evanston clinic or virtually via telehealth

Jung Center CEUs

Gain the education credentials for maintaining your license with our fascinating lectures

Volunteer at CG Jung Center

Contribute to the growth of individuals and your practice

Donate to CG Jung Center

Become a supporter of our mission to enhance the well-being of our community

Make This Your Year

Whether you’re interested in our Jungian-oriented psychotherapy or our educational programming, there’s a place for you in the C.G. Jung Center community. As we approach our second decade (in 2024) of community education and personal growth, we invite you to join us on this journey. Through Jung’s teaching, you too can discover the key to unlocking life’s mysteries, the tools for promoting well-being and the support of our members and participants, who are spiritually minded.

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C. G. Jung Center for Psychotherapy, Evanston