Exploring the Six Bardo States: A Journey Beyond Life and Death

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  •  July 12, 2024
     7:00 pm CDT - 9:00 pm CDT

Held In-Person
Sensei Mui
CEUs: 2

Limited to 15 participants.

Explore the profound insights of Padmasambhava’s “Liberation Through Hearing” in this engaging presentation focused on the Bardo states and the process of dying. This session offers a deep dive into the Tibetan Book of the Dead, emphasizing the journey of the mental continuum through various transitional states after death. We’ll cover the essential Bardos: the Bardo of Dying, where consciousness detaches from the body; the Bardo of Dharmata, witnessing the true nature of reality; and the Bardo of Becoming, leading up to rebirth. The presentation will utilize detailed explanations, immersive visuals, and reflective meditations to illustrate how these states impact the soul’s journey and provide practical guidance for the dying process. Participants will gain valuable insights into navigating these transitions with awareness and compassion, drawing directly from Tibetan spiritual practices and beliefs.

About the Instructor
After multiple tours of duty in Vietnam as a combat medic, Sensei Mui was ordained in Thailand as a Buddhist monk in the Forest Tradition, practicing for ten years. He holds a Doctorate in Buddhist Studies (DBS) from the Pāli Institute in Sri Lanka and a PhD in psycholinguistics. During the past fifty years, Sensei has studied and been ordained in multiple Buddhist disciplines, continuing to filter his learning through the lens of the original teachings. Sensei acts as a Buddhist therapist utilizing meditation as a tool to foster emotional and cognitive well-being. He works with both individuals and groups in both private and corporate settings.

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