A Deep Dive into the Psyche: On the Nature and Practice of Analytical Psychology

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  •  September 11, 2018
     7:00 pm CDT - 9:00 pm CDT

Instructor: Peter Mudd, LCSW

CEUs: 20

Enrollment limited to 12 participants.

This seminar will meet on the following dates: September 11, October 30, December 11, January 15, February 12, March 19, April 16, May 21, June 4, July 9, 2019.

Analytical psychology is a complex and challenging field of study. It has been commended and criticized for its acknowledgement and valuing of spiritual life, its wide-ranging investigations into esoterica and the confessional foundations of its conceptualizations. Still, it remains a profound psychological theory and practice offering a paradigm and tools that inform serious efforts to discover “personal destiny” and meaning.

This intensive 10 session, monthly seminar will offer participants a clear and coherent understanding of the origins, framework and operational concepts of Jungian and post-Jungian thought. Areas to be examined are noted below.* To preserve continuity, single session attendance will not be possible. Enrollment will be capped at 12.

This is a second, intensive Jungian seminar requiring thoughtful preparation for each meeting. Substantial reading* provides the entry point into discussion and it is expected that participants will have read the assigned works and be ready to pose questions and discuss points of view. A reading list and study guide questions are provided at the outset of the seminar. A certificate of completion will be awarded after attending all sessions.

Class Schedule
Sessions 1-2: The Psyche: Architecture and Operations
Session 3: Schools of Analytical Psychology: Jung and the Post-Jungians
Sessions 4-5: Discernment and Direction: Working with Unconscious Material
Session 6: The Therapeutic Dyad: What is It? What Guides It? How Does It Work?
Session 7: Metaphors of the Psyche and Its Dynamics: Alchemy, Myth, Fairy Tales, etc
Session 8: Religion in the Light of Analytical Psychology
Session 9: Notions of Gender in Analytical Psychology
Session 10: Unfinished Business: Lingering Questions, Debates and Opinions.

*Reading for Session 1, September 11: The Psyche: Architecture and Operations (full reading list provided upon registration). Books are not provided by the Jung Center.

  • Collected Works volume 3: The Feeling Toned Complex and Its General Effects on the Psyche (1907): Pgs. 38-51, The Influence of the Feeling Toned Complex on the Valency of Associations : Pgs. 52-69
  • Collected Works volume 4: The Concept of the Libido (1912): Pgs. 111-128
  • Collected Works volume 7: The Structure of the Unconscious (1916): Pgs. 269-304
  • Collected Works volume 8: Instinct and the Unconscious (1919): Pgs. 129-138
  • Xerox (will email PDF):     The Psychology of the Unconscious Processes (1917)

About the Instructor
Peter Mudd is a Jungian analyst practicing in Evanston, Illinois. He served as the Executive Director of the C.G. Jung Institute of Chicago for 19 years and as Director of Studies for the Chicago Institute’s Analyst Training Program for 10 years. He has offered seminars and workshops on a wide range of Jungian topics throughout North America and abroad and held the position of Associate Editor for the Journal of Analytical Psychology. Peter has served on the board of the Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism and as its President and Treasurer, as well as on the boards of other Jungian organizations. Long interested in organizational and leadership dynamics, he has provided consultation to organizations ranging from Fortune 100 companies to local not-for-profit services.


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