Inner Doorways: Introduction to Dreamwork*

Held In-Person at the Jung Center
Instructor: Karol Weigelt, LCPC
CEUs: 3

*Limited to 12 participants.

Dreams and dream work are valuable to the understanding of our lives.  Dreams have been part of the most sacred and spiritual traditions.  Those traditions, ancient through contemporary, have taught that dreams provide inspiration, healing, guidance and connection to our unconscious.  Tapping into that wise world of personal symbol, myth, and metaphor can be very rewarding. Our dreams offer valuable information about the deepest levels of our personalities and how we behave in the world.  Jung’s model of dream work is one of healing and wholeness, the seeking of balance in our lives, both masculine and feminine. In this introductory session, participants will learn skills for recording and remembering their dreams and beginning techniques to work with their own dream interpretation. Please bring a dream, in written form to work with during the session.

About the Instructor
Karol Weigelt, LCPC, is a therapist and spiritual director in the Chicago area.  She facilitates dream groups as part of her work with clients and interested individuals.  She has done research in the area of dream work technique and theory and has served as adjunct faculty at Loyola University. In addition to presenting public programs at the Jung Center, Karol also serves as a Volunteer Therapist.

*Please note, masks may be required depending on the status of COVID-19 at the time of the workshop.

Exploring the Inner World of Jung’s Black Books*

Held via Zoom
Laura McGrew, LCPC and Kenneth James, PhD
CEUs: 2.5

*Limited to 25 participants. 

This class will be the fifth of six classes, each presenting a volume of Jung’s Personal Journals entitled The Black Books, which were only recently released for publication by his family. These books are his reflections, beginning in 1913, after the break with Freud. For Jung, this was a period of confusion, turmoil, and suffering and yet it birthed all of his major theories.

The Black Books deserve careful reading from a mindful perspective. These books contain what might be called “raw process” from Jung’s own transcripts. Encountering The Black Books is an experience unlike exploring any of Jung’s other writings.

In Vol. 6, Jung continues to document his relationship with Soul, who challenges him while simultaneously supporting him. Jung’s inner struggle further intensifies as he must engage with several other characters, some previously encountered, some new. Each of these figures (Phanes, Salome, Elijah, Abraxas, Atmavictu, Khidr, and others) reveals to Jung other facets of inner reality.

*This is the fifth of six classes in the series. Each class can be taken as a stand-alone. No required reading necessary. Please have paper and a pen available for the workshop.

About the Instructors
Laura McGrew is a Jungian Analyst in private practice in Chicago. She is the emeritus board chair of The C.G. Jung Center, and a tireless worker in and for the field of Analytical Psychology.

Ken James is a Jungian Analyst in private practice in Chicago. He is a training analyst with the C.G. Jung Institute of Chicago and has served on the board of the institute.

*Program CEUs are an additional $15 processing fee. Please note that the current CEU processing time is around 3-4 weeks.

Medea and the Modern Mother: Transmutations in Motherhood

Held via Zoom
New date of October 1st
Brooke Laufer, PsyD
CEUs: 2

*Limited to 20 participants. 

Medea persists as a powerful archetype in modern motherhood, as infanticide continues to be a horrifying and unsolved tragedy.  Neither the field of psychology nor the legal system has adequately healed or contained this phenomenon.  What is infanticide telling us about our world, about motherhood and about Medea’s plight? In this workshop, we will examine the basis and context of maternal infanticide not as a singular crime, but rather as a comment on today’s society and, in particular, the construct of motherhood from personal, archetypal, and symbolic perspectives. The Jungian concept of transmutation is employed to understand how infanticide can be interpreted in the context of our evolution.

About the Instructor
Brooke Laufer, PsyD, is a clinical psychologist with a Jungian orientation, in private practice in Evanston, Illinois. Brooke began her clinical work in psychiatric wards with the severely mentally ill, then in schools with adolescents and their families.  After having her first child, Brooke had a disturbing postpartum OCD experience which inspired her to begin researching, understanding, and specializing in the treatment of perinatal mental illness.  In addition to her practice, she works as an expert witness for women who have committed a crime during a postpartum episode.

Recommended Reading
Laufer, B. (2021). Medea as the Modern Mother: Infanticide, Motherhood, and Transmutation. Psychological Perspectives A Semiannual Journal of Jungian Thought 64(2):222-239.

Rich, A. (1976). Of woman born: Motherhood as experience and institution. W.W. Norton & Co.

Smith-Hanssen, K. (2009). Medea and mothers who kill. The Psychology of Violence, 81.

Woodman, M., & Sieff, D. F. (2015). Spiraling through the apocalypse: Facing the death mother to claim our lives. In D. F. Sieff (Ed.), Understanding and healing emotional trauma: Conversations with pioneering clinicians and researchers (pp. 64–87). London: Routledge.

*Program CEUs are an additional $15 processing fee. Please note that the current CEU processing time is around 3-4 weeks.

Reflective Writing for Life Enrichment: An Introduction to the Progoff Intensive Journal® Method

Held via Zoom
Kelley Williams
CEUs: 3

*Limited to 20 participants. 

The Intensive Journal® Method is a nationally recognized technique for self-discovery and self-reflection that uses writing exercises.  Created by Ira Progoff, PhD, in the mid-1960’s, this technique is now taught by certified instructors.

As the first American to complete his doctoral dissertation on the work of Dr. Jung, Dr. Progoff was invited by Dr. Jung to study with him in Switzerland in the early 1950s.  Dr. Progoff’s work in Depth Psychology culminated in the Intensive Journal method.  While the Intensive Journal is distinctly Dr. Progoff’s own method, Jung’s influence on him was significant as evidenced by the inclusion of the concept of the unique seed potential of each person, the importance of the spiritual dimension in overall psychological growth and the power of symbols and imagery in one’s search for meaning.

This program provides an introduction to the Intensive Journal method, which utilizes an integrated system of writing exercises for self-awareness.  This method can be used to gain insights into personal relationships, career/interests, body/health, major events, dreams, and meaning in life.  It may also be useful for working through transitions, reducing stress, and resolving issues.

The unique workshop atmosphere is critical for the method’s success.  You work privately to feel safe to write without censorship.  You are not writing your life story but rather writing what comes from within.  The instructor will provide a program overview, including the major rules for using the method and the underlying principles of holistic Depth Psychology.  You will be guided through sample exercises to experience how the method works.

About the Instructor
Kelley Williams is a certified instructor leading Intensive Journal workshops for 30 years primarily in the Midwest, including at the C.G. Jung Center in Evanston.   Prior to relocating to the greater Phoenix area, Kelley served as Senior Editor of Publications in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Northwestern University Medical School in Chicago and Managing Editor of the International Journal of Gynecology & Obstetrics.  Kelley is a published poet and fiction writer, stained glass artist, and former president of the American Medical Writers’ Association.

“Intensive Journal” is a registered trademark of Jon Progoff and is used under license by Dialogue House, the headquarters for the Intensive Journal program.   For more information, see or read At a Journal Workshop by Ira Progoff, PhD. By registering you are agreeing to allow the Center to share your registration information with Dialogue House, which may provide occasional updates about future programs.

*Program CEUs are an additional $15 processing fee. Please note the current CEU processing time is around 3-4 weeks.