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This referral list is comprised of therapists who have an affiliation with the Jung Center. If you do not wish to apply for services through the Jung Center, you may contact any of these therapists directly to inquire about availability at their private practice.

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Tom Gorey

Work Phone: 815-459-4516 Website:
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Office Locations: Barrington and Crystal Lake

Insurance: Blue Cross/Blue Shield PPO

My focus is on clients who are relatively high functioning, but who happen to be experiencing the types of issues and challenges that commonly present themselves, particularly relationship issues, developmental (e.g., adolescent and young adult) issues, mid-life (“second half of life”) issues, career and occupational issues, and issues involving meaning and purpose in life. I work with individual clients–adults and adolescents–as well as with couples and families. My therapeutic approach is best suited to clients who are highly motivated, anxious and willing to change, and committed to undertaking the difficult work of exploring their inner self. My graduate training is in pastoral counseling, which recognizes not only the psychological, but also the spiritual, dimension of human beings. I serve as adjunct faculty at Loyola University Chicago, where I both teach and counsel graduate students. I am a licensed clinical professional counselor and a certified Jungian Psychotherapist. My orientation is holistic: I work from an integrated–mind, body, spirit–perspective. My therapeutic approach, which incorporates dream analysis, recognizes the role of the unconscious and the inherent potential of each person to realize his or her authentic Self.

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