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This referral list is comprised of therapists who have an affiliation with the Jung Center. If you do not wish to apply for services through the Jung Center, you may contact any of these therapists directly to inquire about availability at their private practice.

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Mitchell Kupferberg

Work Phone: 773-984-9672
Photo of Mitchell Kupferberg

Office Location: 820 Davis St. Ste. 453, Evanston, IL 60201

Insurance: Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Medicare
Fee: sliding-scale

Specialties: Working with the body; dreams; trauma (current and past); grief/loss; relationship issues; depression; anxiety; masculine spiritual and emotional growth.

Pain that we encounter—whether it be emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual—is a “tell.” It is a canary in the coal mine of our lives that summons our attention to something that is not right in our lives. It takes courage to listen deeply to this “canary,” to explore it with resolve, flexibility, and kindness for ourselves and for those with whom we share our worlds.

My way of working with you is to help you cultivate, amplify and sustain the courage to explore your deeper truths with curiosity and compassion so that you can live the life you are most deeply and intuitively drawn to live. Perhaps you have “known” your whole life what is right for you, or perhaps you are in the process of discovering for the first time what that deep “rightness” is. Both starting points represent rich and powerful springboards for growth.

Often, psychic pain—our psychic canary—sings through the body, manifesting as chronic tightness, rigidity, slackness, numbness, or other physical discomfort or disturbance. My work combines Jungian depth psychology with a deep respect for the body as a bearer of unconscious truths about ourselves. As a trained and certified Integrative Somatic Psychotherapist, as well as someone informed by Jungian insights, I will help you explore any physical symptoms you are experiencing that may have a psychic or emotional origin, if that is something that seems relevant to you.

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