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This referral list is comprised of therapists who have an affiliation with the Jung Center. If you do not wish to apply for services through the Jung Center, you may contact any of these therapists directly to inquire about availability at their private practice.

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Lorna Crowl

LCSW, Jungian Analyst
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Office Locations: Northern Suburbs, Western Suburbs, South Suburbs, Wheaton
Insurance: Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Other Co’s reimburse for services without my involvement

Lorna is a Jungian Analyst in private practice in Wheaton who treats individuals and couples as well as provides supervision for Clinicians who are focused on depth work. She began her career in the corporate world, and through her own analytic work, realized she needed to change directions and become a therapist, and ultimately an Analyst. Lorna is on the training staff at the Jung Institute of Chicago and serves on many evaluative committees for the Analyst Training Program as well as provides clinic supervision for attendees at the Institute’s Clinical Training Program. She is a relationally oriented Analyst who works with clients, their dreams and imaginal material, to uncover split off aspects of themselves with the goal of becoming more whole. Lorna believes that suffering is a purposeful function of being human and is to be embraced if we are to find the gold in the pain. She obtained her BA In Psychology at the University of Wisconsin, and MSW at Aurora University. She is licensed as an LCSW, and became a Jungian Analyst in 2008.

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