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Is Man God?: Advaitic View
Weyler Greene, PhD
& Diane Miller, MA, LPC
Mon. Evenings
7-9pm | $10/week
CGJung Ctr
817 Dempster St
In this group, we study Eastern esoteric non-dual wisdom through the words of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, an Advaitic sage and 20th century proponent of this philosophy. The group supports one another in applying this non-dualistic thought to our Western lifestyle through reading, discussion, and weekly self-awareness/meditation exercises designed to help us transcend our thoughts, fears, and desires and understand our true nature and ultimately realize Who we really are. Required text: I Am That, talks with Sri Nisargatta Maharaj (The Acorn Press, 2005). Register now >>
Understanding Intuition
Keren Vishny, MD, MA
Friday February 24
7-9pm | $25, CEUs: 2
CGJung Ctr
817 Dempster St
Despite our society’s focus on science and reason, the cultural fascination with ‘non-rational knowing’ is as strong as ever.  What is intuition?  Why is it important?  What role has it played in human history?  How do we best make sense of intuition in light of our current scientific understanding of the world?   What is the role of intuition in individuation and creativity? In psychotherapy?  Drawing on personal and clinical experience, wisdom traditions and modern science, Keren will share her own journey and discuss how we can integrate intuitive knowing into modern living. Participants will learn about the ‘language’ of intuition from a Jungian perspective; consider the current state of the ‘science’ of intuition, as well as the place of intuition in a modern scientific framework; and understand how intuition can be used in conjunction with thinking and feeling, while distinguishing between intuition and complexed emotionality.Register now >>
Peer Consultation Group – July
with Debbie McGowan, L.C.P.C.
Fri, July 15, 2011
1-2:30pm | $30
CGJung Ctr
817 Dempster St
For clinicians, this monthly peer consultation group at the Center is facilitated by Debbie McGowen, LCPC who has many years of experience practicing Jungian oriented psychotherapy. This group is an opportunity to develop a stronger connection to colleagues as well as engage in professional growth. CEUs 1.5 (included in cost) Register now >>
Viewing and Discussion:
Inglorious Basterds

with Michael Losoff, PhD
Fri, Aug 5, 2011
7-10pm | $15
CGJung Ctr
817 Dempster St
Inglourious Basterds is a war film like no other. It is dark comedy, a spoof on the countless World War II movies familiar to us all, and one that provides an impossible happy ending in which the film’s ‘basterds’ make sure that the war’s bastards get everything they deserve and then some. The film’s director, Quentin Tartino, famous for drawing characters bigger than life in his films, has in Inglorious Basterds created three iconic figures to tell his story: the Nazi Villain, the Military Hero, and the Jewish Heroin (as a girl, a victim of the villain). He then provides them with dialogue, actions, scenes and images so much larger-than-life (literally so in one breathtaking scene) and so deeply affecting, that the viewer, whether Jew or Gentile, is drawn into that psychological space where the collective and the personal intersect. The film culminates in a scene that, at least in this viewer’s opinion, was likely meant as a ‘Grand Catharsis’ not only for Jews but for all Western culture. Join us for a viewing of this riotous powerful film and for the inevitable, stimulating discussion of its content, especially of Tarantino’s use of archetypal figures and our reactions to them. Register now >>

*Please note: The C. G. Jung Center offers L.C.P.C. and L.C.S.W. CEUs for most programs. There is a $15 fee for CEUs per program.

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